With all good intentions, I posted about 4 months ago. The next thing I know it’s practically March. Since that last post I have joined Sanford Rose Associates in Franklin TN as a Senior Partner?Practice Leader focusing on Product Management & Marketing roles in Biotech, Medical Devices and Pharma.

That said, the aim here is to still focus on PEOPLE WITH A CLUE (for those uninitiated, that is what PWAC stands for). I am convinced that the notions I developed in the 2009 book are happening at an even faster rate than I predicted just 3 years ago.

The global recession and the recalibration of people’s (and employers) expectations have reinforced the idea that in order to succeed you must not only HAVE a CLUE, but work hard to maintain it.

I’m working on the 2nd Edition of the PWAC Manifesto now. IF anyone has some feedback or a story to tell related to building a “culture of competence” and maintaining their own “intellectual capital” I’d love to hear about it. Please post HERE or contact me at gsparzo (at) sanfordrose.com.