New Years Resolutions?

February 10, 2010


I have been looking at my ever-aging blog posts every time I logged on to LinkedIn.  I kept telling myself it was time to write something new. So, in the spirit of the new year, I will work to be more reliable in my posting.

It seems that the economy is improving slightly, although both sides are so politicized and polarized it’s hard to know what to believe.  Whether the economy is technically improving or not, the anecdotal evidence suggests that employment is still lagging and it looks like it will for the rest of the year.

Think of this time as an opportunity. If you are an employer, it’s an opportunity to get your company ready when the economy does improve. By ready, I mean ready to attract and retain more than your share of smart, effective and motivated people–the PWACs I wrote about last year in the book.

If you are a PWAC, decide if the company you’re at is the company you’ll be staying with, and if you are unemployed, seize this opportunity to ASSESS what you love, what you hate and what you want to do next. RESIST the temptation to just replace your JOB. PS…when I say “hate” I mean do not compromise yourself and do something you don’t enjoy just because it pays the bills. Remember: the abolished debtors prison long long ago.  Take a moment, envision your better future and take MASSIVE ACTION.

More Later. GMS


Friends, I’m getting the hang of this blog thing, I think. I have been collecting interesting news items and reading more about what makes a PWAC. Someone recently asked me about whether “PWACINESS” is actually a new idea or not. Haven’t “elites” always existed?

It’s a good point. My view is that while there always have been the elites in societies they were traditionally what I would call hereditary elites. Where monarchies existed, the elite came from the loins of the so-called royalty. In our culture, our elites came for the families of our richest citizens, many of whom EARNED their wealth in the entrepreneurial scrum of 19th Century America.

Today, elites (PWACs) will come from the ranks of the SMART. If you have the SKILLS, ATTRIBUTES, ATTITUDES, and INTELLECT to add value, companies and organizations will want, NO –NEED you regardless of where you come from.

The Talent Shortage may possibly do for people what BILLIONS of DOLLARS in spending and legislation have thus far failed to do. Create equality of opportunity for all…well, ALL that are willing to invest the time and energy it takes to cultivate these important skills.

It brings the question: Can ANYONE be a PWAC if they work hard enough? Your thoughts?