With all good intentions, I posted about 4 months ago. The next thing I know it’s practically March. Since that last post I have joined Sanford Rose Associates in Franklin TN as a Senior Partner?Practice Leader focusing on Product Management & Marketing roles in Biotech, Medical Devices and Pharma.

That said, the aim here is to still focus on PEOPLE WITH A CLUE (for those uninitiated, that is what PWAC stands for). I am convinced that the notions I developed in the 2009 book are happening at an even faster rate than I predicted just 3 years ago.

The global recession and the recalibration of people’s (and employers) expectations have reinforced the idea that in order to succeed you must not only HAVE a CLUE, but work hard to maintain it.

I’m working on the 2nd Edition of the PWAC Manifesto now. IF anyone has some feedback or a story to tell related to building a “culture of competence” and maintaining their own “intellectual capital” I’d love to hear about it. Please post HERE or contact me at gsparzo (at) sanfordrose.com.


Interview Notes

June 25, 2009

The interview went pretty well. It was actually kind of cool. I thought I might run out of things to say (yeah, right…) but actually I could have talked for an hour. That’s not really the point of a radio interview, of course.

I received a number of emails from friends and colleagues.

All that said, I’m excited that The PWAC Manifesto is starting to get some traction. I believe it is important for us to understand the issues facing our society, our economy, your company and your career.

This recession has been painful and while it might not seem like it, is only a respite before the demand for talent resumes its upward climb.

Take this time to refresh your skills and take a few minutes out of your day and start thinking about how you want to live and work when things start to improve, which I believe will be later this year.

Remember, all those Gen Y’s started graduating from college in 2007 and in about 3-4 years will be starting to buy houses and fill them with all the stuff we already have in our houses. Then the market and the general economy will rush to supply those new households with goods and services.

So, spend some time thinking about the future. Which one do you want?


June 24, 2009

My first radio interview for the book will be on the Brad Davis Show on WDRC AM1360 in Hartford on Thursday, 7:20am-7:30am. Tune in if you are in the area. I will try to get a recording of it posted as as MP3 on this site as soon as I can.